Notable Clients

  • JeromeASF (5.4M subs)

  • BeckBroJack (3.2M subs)

  • Jelly (20M subs)

  • Slogo (10M subs)

  • Crainer (7M subs)

  • TazerCraft (12.6M subs)

  • ParkerGames (600k subs)

  • Capitaine Kirk (1M subs)

  • NightD (2.26M subs)

  • Suhaib (729k subs)

  • Sirud (293k subs)

  • FixEye (4.96M subs)

Quality Java Content

Through the integration of traditional programming languages with Minecraft, Flytre makes unique masterpieces known to push the limits of what was thought possible.


  • Whack Em Smack Em Island - Available on Minecraft Realms and yeggs.org.

  • Laser Tag - Available on Minecraft Realms and this site

  • Bingo - Available on Minecraft Realms and this site

  • Scrambled Survival - Unreleased and available on demand!

  • Legacy maps - Maps featured below are no longer available.

How I got started

These 6 images represent pre-1.13 (vanilla) maps that I've made.

  • Lucky Block Walls: 4 players duke it out in intense PvP after opening lucky blocks

  • Monster Mash: Two teams duke it out by collecting resources used to upgrade their gear and spawn mobs onto the enemy's side.

  • Juggernauts: A diamond clad juggernaut must prevent the attackers from breaking the obsidian. Comes with Survival Games and Team Deathmatch as a bonus.