Laser Tag

A classic 2 team first person shooter done in Minecraft. Comes with over 15 unique weapons, 6 powerups, 3 maps and 2 game-modes.

Features Team Deathmatch for the classic laser tag experience, and Defusal mode for those who want to play a more competitive, CS:GO style version!

Turn on high graphics and enable Fabulous Graphics Mode to take advantage of custom shaders, shown above (bottom left) to take your game to the next level!

How to Play:

Team Deathmatch

  • When the game starts you will be teleported to the kit selection screen

  • Right click signs to buy the items you want. Hover over bought items to see their stats

  • If you don't like your build reset it by stepping in the orange reset box

  • When you're ready step into the green ready box

  • Drop your item to reload it early, and right click to fire


  • One random Creeper will recieve a wiring kit each round. Look at the red TNT X on each map to ignite the TNT

  • Guardians must defuse the TNT by looking at the detonator on it or the TNT will explode and creepers will win the round

  • Guardians also win the round if the bomb isn't ignited within 90 seconds.

  • Played as a best to 7 game, with credits being gained for wins and kills

  • You lose your items on death. There is no natural health regeneration.


  • Flytre - Project lead; technical and resource work.

  • Lil_Jeffy, Wrigglygiggly, Nickonautica - Minor resource work and builds.

  • The rest of the credits are available in-game for this map.