Laser Tag

A fast paced two team action map! Play with over 15 different phasers and 3 modes, including the classic deathmatch, competitive defusal, and the unique ascension mode!

Play it: Realms or


Race to get 5 items in a row in this test of your vanilla survival gamemode! Given a random board of 25 items, will you be the first to get a bingo?

Play It: Realms or

Whack 'em Smack 'em Islands

Ready, set, attack! Choose from 6 unique powerups and learn the art of smacking as you fight to be the last one alive on this sumo style minigame!

Play it: Realms or

Scrambled Survival

Well, that's awkward... why is everything mixed up? Hey, I just got an achievement for breaking 10 blocks... maybe this correct! Can I beat the Ender Dragon like this? Let's see!

Download: Available on Request!