Bingo will push your survival expertise to the test. You're given a board of 25 items. How fast can you get a bingo?

Complete with over 10 trillion possible board combinations and updated to the last version of Minecraft, Bingo will have you reeling about how little you knew about survival.


Bingo Mode

  • Upon starting the game, the board will generate a random combination of 25 random items.

  • Each team must try to collect a bingo: 5 items in a row, column, or diagonal first.

  • Teams will be close to each other, and PvP is encouraged as Keep Inventory is off by default!

  • Hold the map and drop it to update the bingo board as teams get items!

Lockout Mode

  • Similar to bingo, but:

  • Each item can only gotten by one team, or two if both teams get it at the same time!

  • Teams can win in various ways:

    • Through getting a preset number of items, based on the number of teams playing. (ranging from 7 - 13 items)

    • Through having the most items when the timer expires.

    • By getting a bingo before 20 minutes are up!

Manhunt Mode

  • Anyone on red team becomes a hunter.

  • Anyone not on red team needs to get bingo (5 in a row) as normal.

  • Hunters can respawn, while runners cannot

  • Runners have a minute before hunters get released.

  • Hunters have a compass they can use to track runners, while runners have a very imprecise compass.

  • Very hard, and only recommended if its like a 1v4 or you have Dream level skills.


  • Flytre - Project Lead; Created the map item icons and all technical work.

  • J70 - Built the lobby and developed gameplay.

  • Vilder50 - Notable tester, found numerous bugs!