Featured Mods

Biome Locator

Allows you to search for where the nearest location of a biome is in your world! Also contains a lot of information about biomes including known mobs, ores, blocks, rainfall, and more!

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/biome-locator


Very easy to use yet advanced piping! Comes with the ability to use pipes to transport items around! Fully transparent so you can see the items as they move, advancing item tracking to prevent item loss, filters to sort items and a round robin mode to split items evenly between chests! Use the wrench to disconnect adjacent pipes to make compact yet advanced networks!

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/pipe

Extra TNT

Vanilla TNT can be fun, but it gets boring after a while! These crazy TNTs will create massive explosions which have you looking at the game in a different way ~ How many ultimte TNTs would it take to destroy this?

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/extra-tnt

Flytre's Gun Mod

Oops! I meant to hit the zombie approaching you, not you... or so the story goes! This mod guarantees good times with friends, using the power of over 10 guns and the ability to add custonm guns via Json! Utilize the volt to zap all hostiles in a huge radius, the minigun to blast down anything alive, or the rocket launcher to break into a base!

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/flytres-gun-mod


A fabric standalone tech mod! Inspired by Thermal Expansion, this mod allows you to automate the processing of many resources with machines like quarries, generators, furnaces, solar panels, distilleries and all sorts of advanced blocks! Take your gameplay to the next level with automation never seen before! Pipes and cables included!
(Diamond chests not included, image by Niklas)

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/mechanix

Vein Excavator

Such a simple yet needed mod! Simply hold down a button while you mine a block to utilize the extreme power of Vein Miner: Destroying all connected blocks of the same time, making it very easy to mine full veins of ore, but also tree trunks and more!

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/vein-excavator


Required for many of my mods! Provides utilies to ease in mod development and remove repetitive code!
Download: https://mods.flytre.net/flytrelib

Better Hoppers (Hopper+)

A brand new rewritten version of the others! Take control of item transport through the use of upward hoppers, stone brick hoppers, filter upgrades, and other helpful utilities!

Download: https://mods.flytre.net/hopper

For a full list of mods click this link: curseforge.flytre.net